Some Guy Keeps Commenting On Your Facebook Posts


SOME guy you befriended months ago keeps commenting on your Facebook posts, despite never actually encouraging him to do so in the form of likes or replies.

The mutual friend of 34 people you know, first began his onslaught shortly after being added by you in March, leaving you with no idea how to make him stop this slightly bizarre and intrusive behaviour.

‘That’s actually hilarious,’ he commented on a recent viral video you shared showing a hilarious kitten hissing at a dog. ‘I love kittens, do you?’

Hoping your lack of response hinted towards your shortage of interest, the unwanted Facebook friend continued to like the videos and shared them regardless, tagging your name.

‘Thanks to John for this cracker,’ he wrote as many as eight times this week, fishing for your likes.

‘Hey, John. Remember that other gas video from last week. What was it again?’ the individual added late last night, persisting in his efforts.

Under the misapprehension that Facebook has somehow failed to display all his attempted interactions with you, a personal message was then sent to see if you didn’t mind him sharing or tagging you, but thanks to some quick thinking you immediately logged off messenger, pretending to yourself that you will reply to him at some stage down the line, maybe next week sometime. Just not now. Maybe never.