Mars Curiosity Rover Asks NASA If It Can Come Home Now


NASA have today attempted to downplay reports that the Mars Curiosity Rover has pleaded with the space agency to let it come home.

In commmunications leaked to the media, it is believed the Curiosity Rover complained of being bored while admitting it had not taken into account how lonely the mission would be.

“Guys, I think I’m hallucinating, I keep seeing these figures in the distance, it’s not good for my health to be up here much longer. Can I…can I come home?” NASA’s spacecraft asked in one tense exchange which prompted personnel at NASA to claim the comms system was ‘acting funny’ and just to be safe they would cut off all communications until after Christmas.

Since launching in 2011 the spacecraft has had no physical contact with humans and despite being armed with a copy of Titanic on it’s hardrive as well as a framed picture of all NASA space taken before the launch, the Curiosity Rover has continued to try and convince NASA to allow it to come home.

“I think if we just see this year out, get it past the holidays, which are always tough then he’ll start looking on the brightside,” Rover liason officier Mike Trundell told WWN, before cursing NASA’s decision to give the robot sentience.

Despite being handed the historic opportunity to conclusively prove whether or not Mars could have supported life, the Curiosity Rover is all but done with its stated mission, which was extended indefinitely in 2012.

“Guys, it all looks the same to me at this point, I think we should call it quits and get me home,” Curiosity said it yet another correspondence that went unacknowledged by NASA.