OMG! The Biggest 5 Fashion Disasters Of The Migrant Crisis


IT’S that time again, when thousands of displaced men, women and children flock to the borders of their war-torn countries in a bid to escape to a better life. But it’s not only the border police standing in their way, the fashion police are there too! Here’s five of the worst-dressed migrants currently trying to escape the threat of bloodshed and death.

mediterranean drowning

We honestly don’t know what this woman, rescued from a makeshift trawler in the Mediterranean along with hundreds of other migrants, was thinking when she stepped out in this drab brown outfit. Plus it totally clashes with the red life vest she was given to stop her from drowning like some 1,600 people have done so far this year. Seriously love, if you wouldn’t wear it to a club, don’t wear it on a desperate attempt to flee from persecution.


If we were to guess what these Calais cops were saying to the guy making the futile break for the English channel, we’d guess that they were telling him that yellow is so last season. The third cop in the background would probably add that the hat is doing nothing for the ensemble, if he wasn’t casually pepper-spraying some of the most downtrodden people in the world as if they were nothing more than insects at a picnic.

syrian woman

We’re not really sure what the problem is in Syria, or what caused it, or why these people are fleeing from it… hell, we’re not even sure where Syria is, and we’re not prepared to waste any time finding out. We need that time for more important things, such as fashion! Take this woman, for example: we appreciate that you grabbed your kinds and ran away from your home as fast as you could, but do you really have to dress like you grabbed your kinds and ran away from your home as fast as you could? You had to have known there’d be cameras!

syrian migrants enter hungary

Don’t you just hate it when you and your family are trying to cross the border into a neighbouring country in an attempt to not be killed by oppressive government forces or radical fundamentalists, and you get caught in a razor-wire fence, and you’re wearing THAT? Nothing co-ordinates! And seriously, we’re just going to say it: enough with carrying kids with you. Accessorise!

libyan coast tripoli

This guy better thank his lucky stars that there were other things for the media to focus on this weekend, such as the return of X-Factor or the MTV Video Music Awards (Kanye is running for president!!!), otherwise we’re sure his blue-on-blue get up would have received far more shade than it did. We wouldn’t be seen dead in it!