5 Times God Just Sorta Left You To It


GOD is always by your side, through the dark times and the bright. Whenever you think you’re alone, with nobody to help you, God is right there beside you. Always. Well, most of the time. There’s been a few times when he just kinda left you to it, like when…

1) When you got shitfaced at the weekend


You were there in the club with God, chilling, when all of a sudden you have a great idea: shots! You head to the bar and come back with a couple of Jägerbombs, and God is nowhere to be seen. He texted you later to say he forgot he had work the next day and had to head, but you were passed out in an alley at that stage.

2) When you were doing your exams


It was the perfect plan: do the bare minimum of preparation, then call on God to do what he does best and guide you through the difficult road ahead. And it was going so well, until you turned up at the exam hall and God was nowhere to be found! What’s his problem? Did your mam not light enough candles for him?

3) While your loved one was dying


Your parent, your sibling, a close friend… they were pretty sick, so you asked God for a bit of a dig-out to help them get better. Too bad he was up to here with work that day! But don’t worry, even though your loved one didn’t make it, God will totally get you again next time, he promises.

4) When your life was in mortal danger


Sometimes when you walk on the beach, you look back and notice that there’s only one set of footprints. You weren’t alone: that’s the times when God carried you. Or perhaps you were alone, God had a meeting that ran late, and right at that moment some external force such as a mugger or a drunk driver totally destroyed your life forever. But God was right back by your side the next day, or whenever he had the time.

5) When you felt at your most lonely


Dude, when you’re at your lowest point, that’s when God is right there with you! Look, it’s complicated, but when you think God isn’t there, he totally is. Like, 90% of the time. Say 80, 90%, easily. Even though you talk to him and ask him for help and you get zip, he is absolutely there. Most of the time. And when he isn’t there, he hasn’t abandoned you: he’s making up a super plan for you, which will all work out for the best in the end. You just have to have a little faith, and stop being such a drag about it all the time. Nobody likes a whiner!