ISIS Staying Out Of The Headlines By Not Killing Lions


TERROR experts are said to be disturbed by callous and barbaric ISIS forces after discovering they are doing everything in their power to keep out of the headlines.

“This is probably most devilish behaviour I have ever seen exhibited by a terror group in all my time covering them,” veteran Middle East reporter David O’Callaghan told WWN.

Sources in the region confirmed that in recent weeks ISIS had abandoned plans to launch a number of cats from cannons into a nearby wall for their own amusement after learning of the devastating pressure exerted on an American dentist following the slaying of an innocent lion.

The negative publicity witnessed by ISIS has seen them carefully select their future targets in a bid to avoid widespread exposure to online pressure and abuse from the public.

“They’ve certainly adapted and changed tact, they’ve shelved all animal cruelty plans and chosen to focus on things that don’t horrify and anger the public as much, like the beheading of an 82-year-old academic,” terror expert Simon Purcivell explained to WWN, “in a way you’ve got to acknowledge it’s quite a clever move”.

“This really is the most terrifying and sobering move in their campaign of terror, that they have chosen to behead, maim, kill and rape humans knowing full well there will be no large scale opposition movements online”.

Citing the fact that the average person received over 4,000 requests to sign a petition in protest against the killing of a lion, experts believe that ISIS could continue to avoid being splashed across the front page of newspapers and websites on a daily basis if their calculated decision to leave animals alone continues.