Woman Slowly Beginning To Despise Everything She Bought In The Last 12 Months



NIGHT has begun to fall on the love affair between a Dublin woman and every item of clothing and furniture that she purchased over the last year or so, leading her to begin a campaign to justify replacing the vast majority of everything in the house she shares with her husband.

Cathy Nichols, 33, has found herself in a position where she cannot go a day without complaining about possessions which up until a few months ago, she absolutely adored.

Items such as the three-piece sofa set that she purchased on sale 18 months ago, and the dress she bought for her brother’s wedding at Christmas have all fallen victim to an intense scrutiny, as the cycle of ‘love it, want it, get it, hate it” nears its inevitable conclusion.

Nichols has begun to sow the seeds for a complete makeover of all the household furniture, kitchen implements, soft furnishings and garden ornaments, much to the chagrin of her husband John.

“You get used to it after about ten years or so,” sighed John, weary at the thoughts of having to replace what he considers to be ‘perfectly alright’ stuff.

“She’ll dearly love something, and drag me along while we go out and buy it, and then after less than a year she’ll start complaining about it. A sofa that was perfectly comfortable will suddenly be like sitting on knives. A dress that she wore once, she now hates how it looks on her. Bit by bit, she just grows to despise the things she once loved… I used to argue, but now I just go along with it. It’s easier”.