“I Watch You Sleep” – Mark Zuckerberg


IN a revalatory Facebook post Mark Zuckerberg confirmed the long running rumours that he watches you sleep.

Posting on the social media site he created, Zuckerberg made the omission in a brief video about the future of Facebook and other companies under its control, stating that he spends much of his spare time watching you and his over one billion other users sleep.

“Sorry, but I just can’t help it,” Zuckerberg said with a shrug of his shoulders. The post has been liked over 4 million times.

It is thought Zuckerberg initially began his obsession with you by directly monitoring all activity on your Facebook page, then migrating to the Instagram and Whatsapp platforms he also owns.

His obsession with everything you do manifested itself further, culminating in using Facebook’s messenger app to activate your phone’s camera which has enabled him to watch your every move.

“Know that I do this with great responsibility and restraint, and knowing you fart in your sleep does not change how I feel about you,” Zuckerberg added.

As a result of Zuckerberg’s astonishing admission, shares in Facebook rose by 13%, with experts putting the increase down to Zuckerberg showing a rare glimpse into his creepy human side.