Nation Can Hardly Contain Its Delight For Happy Couple


ABSOLUTELY everybody in the country today are said to be struggling to contain their excitement for Audrey Mahon, who married her long-term partner Dave Mahon in a civil ceremony in Dublin yesterday afternoon.

The happy couple, who had been engaged for eight years, tied the knot in a local hotel in a brief service surrounded by family and friends.

“I’m so happy for Audrey. She’s got herself a right catch there,” said one woman, who admitted only knowing the pair through extensive media coverage. “It’s great they can still be so in love after Audrey’s daughter went missing and Dave stabbing her son to death an’all”.

Audrey got engaged to Mr. Mahon in 2007, but had to put the marriage on hold when her daughter Amy (15) disappeared close to their home in Spain some 12 months later after.

“He was like her rock through the whole ordeal,” stated another social commentator, who also admitted to not knowing the couple personally. “I think her delighted face says it all and hopefully Dave will be acquitted of murdering her son. The poor kid was obviously troubled and confused. Tragic”.

Following the civil ceremony, the newlyweds were greeted outside the venue by dozens of awaiting press photographers, all competing to take the best shots for the couple’s wedding album.

“We’re just doing our bit to help out,” said Irish Mirror photographer Joe Regan. “Hopefully these free pictures of their special day will help alleviate the expensive murder trial that lies ahead”.

Mr Mahon, 44, is expected to stand trial next year over the death of Dean, 23, who died in May 2013 after allegedly confronting him about his sister’s disappearance five years earlier.