Opinion Of Guard Changed From ‘Prick’ To ‘Sound’ After Not Doing Lad For Car Tax


PUBLIC opinion of a young Guard in a rural town has received an upgrade from “prick” to “sound” in the past 24 hours, after he let a motorist off with a warning rather than booking him for driving a car which was not taxed.

The people of Ballnahadreen, Sligo, initially were very wary about 24-year-old new recruit Seamus Carraher, who arrived in the small town late last year.

Seen as “a pure pup” who would “do you for anything”, the locals made sure to give Carraher a wide berth when they saw him on patrol or at a checkpoint.


However, last night’s incident, where he allowed 53-year-old local man Fintan Malone off with a warning over driving around a car which hadn’t been taxed since last April, may have swung popular opinion around in Carraher’s favour, and he is now considered to be “not the worst of them” by the people of Ballnahadreen.

“I got pulled over last night, and when I seen who it was I said to myself, that’s me fucked now altogether,” said Malone, who has not only no car tax, but no notion of getting it either.

“But I got talking to him and he let me off with a warning. Arra sure he’s not such a bad fella after all. He went around last year booking boys left and right, and we all thought he was just out to get stripes for himself. I suppose he just had to get the Templemore out of his system, and settle himself a wee bit”.

Carraher’s upgrade from “prick” to “sound” coincides with the release of new data which suggests that the public are appalled by the amount of convictions quashed and overturned by members of An Garda Síochána, but are perfectly okay with it when it’s them that are getting off.