Irish Water Protester’s Credibility Left In Critical Condition Following Dramatic Fall


THE credibility of an Irish Water protester in Cavan today has been left in a critical condition following a dramatic fall, which also left his new track suit quite soiled looking.

It is believed the victim was protesting peacefully when he was blatantly attacked by a Garda who violently put his hand on his shoulder in yet another case of brutality in the force.

The man’s credibility was immediately rushed to a local anti-water Facebook page in Bailieborough and uploaded in the form of a three minute video. It is understood his credibility took a turn for the worse, before being transferred to a YouTube channel for further ridicule.

“It was like Tienanmen Square,” explained one eyewitness, who witnessed the whole incident with her eyes. “He began stopping a meter truck from moving by simply standing there. It was chaotic. Gardaí took no time in attacking him.”


“Those bastards! Who are they working for, the state or…” she added before this reporter got bored and walked away.

The footage clearly shows the moment the protester’s credibility was ruined as a member of the so-called Irish police force laid at least three of his fingers on the innocent man’s shoulder, hurling him to the ground.

“This is one of the most pathetic scenes I have ever seen,” admitted one Garda, obviously horrified at his colleague’s actions.