School Of Hard Knocks To Receive 32 New Prefabs


FOLLOWING a record number of new admissions over the past few years, the School Of Hard Knocks has announced that extensive renovations will take place this Summer, although shortfalls in the budget will mean that most of the new classrooms will be prefabricated cabins as opposed to proper buildings.

The School Of Hard Knocks, also known as Scoil Na Cnag Crua, is one of the most widely attended learning institutes in the country according to Facebook profile information.

A total of 32 new prefabs will be constructed during the Summer break, in a bid to ease crowding in classrooms which are currently overflowing with students studying a range of subjects including “The Daily Grind”, “Coping With The Man”, and “Not Letting The Bastards Drag You Down”.

In an exclusive interview with WWN, Headmaster Sean O’Ceallaigh spoke of his disappointment at the construction of prefabs, while admitting that the extra space couldn’t come soon enough.

“Of course I would have preferred a proper extension, but we’re in no position to argue,” said O’Ceallaigh, himself a past-pupil of the school. “With more and more pupils every year, we need all the class rooms we can get. The government fobbed us off with prefabs which are cold, drafty and have a very short life, but we’re used to getting hard done by here at Scoil Na Cnag Crua.

“This is just one more lesson for our pupils, which we will be adding to our ‘Being Shafted By The Government’ syllabus”.

An estimated 4,000 pupils are set to graduate from the School of Hard Knocks this year, and while some will go on to third level education at the University Of Life, many will find themselves on the FAS Course Of Shit Happens.