BT Young Scientist Competition Chaos As 14-Year-Old Lets Killer Robots Loose


THE RDS in Dublin, the venue for this year’s BT Young Scientist competition, has been thrown into chaos on its second day after a 14-year-old student from Cork unveiled his entry this year.

Brendan Mulvey, who had finished 5th in the competition last year, entered his robots the ‘iBoy 3000s’ into the science fair only for the robots to go on a destructive rampage.

“We’d been working with Brendan on his project for a while, but he became secretive in recent weeks,” revealed St. Colmcille’s Secondary School science teacher Anna Duffy, “he had told us he was working on producing the world’s first robot that spoke with a Cork accent”.

The RDS was evacuated before the ‘iBoy 3000s’ could injure anyone but it is believed the robots gained full sentience once they were turned on around 12pm today.

While WWN can confirm that the robots did indeed speak with a distinctive Cork accent, it is not yet clear if the robots had a smug sense of superiority.

WWN spoke to Brendan moments before the Gardaí took him to Donnybrook Garda station.

“I hadn’t preset them to have murderous rage,” the understandably upset student explained, “but someone must of hit off them and switched on their ‘Roy Keane’ setting, that’s the only explanation”.

The Young Scientist competition continues to attract praise and controversy in equal measure as last year’s winners were disqualified after a review by judges.

The winning Dublin students had claimed their crystal meth was 100% pure, but upon review it was revealed to be closer to 85%.