Man Begins Daily Fight Against Falling Asleep On Bus Right Before His Stop


man sleeping on bus

After a particularly draining day of work, Daniel Freeley jumped on the 15 bus at 5.35pm heading out of town only to be struck with a crippling case of ‘bus tiredness’.

Bus tiredness is the scientific name given to the effect a bus journey can have on humans, which renders them incredibly sleepy as they are left with no choice but to stare out of the window for minutes on end.

Daniel, aware of the fact he had already fallen asleep 14 times on this bus journey before his head dipped waking him up in a fit of shock and surprise, was keen to not close his eyes as his stop arrived.

“Don’t fall asleep, don’t fall asleep, don’t fall asleep,” Daniel repeated to himself in his head in an effort to stay awake.

Suddenly Daniel opened his eyes again, seemingly shocked at the fact he had just fallen asleep despite his silent warnings to himself.

Jolting his head aggressively to the left and then right, Daniel was able to better identify his exact whereabouts and ascertained that he had only been asleep for several seconds.

Much to Daniel’s relief he had not missed his bus stop and as he congratulated himself on this fact, he once again fell under the spell of bus tiredness.

Now, as little as 100 feet away from his bus stop Daniel’s head leaned against the window for support as his body slowly collapsed in a sleepy fashion.

Springing his eyes open all of a sudden, Daniel noticed his bus stop was mere metres away. The retail worker, now visibly panicked, tried to put on his coat, gloves, scarf and hat while simultaneously putting his backpack on. He then stumbled clumsily over the passenger in the seat next to him, not entirely sure if he accidentally grazed the man’s penis in the confusion but Daniel vowed not to acknowledge it.

Racing down the stairs of the number 15 Daniel then calmly disembarked while nodding to the driver in an effort to dispel any hint that he was in a deep sleep 7.3 seconds ago.