‘Bad Ass’ Parks Right In Front Of Supermarket Despite Dozens Of Car Spaces Available


LOCAL bad ass Cormac Bishop has decided to just park right in front of Tescos right there, even though there are dozens of car parking spaces available in close proximity to the store.

The county Waterford man left his Volkswagen Golf just feet from the shop entrance, much to the disgust of everyone else adhering to the rules.

“Who does he think he is parking like that?” asked one shopper. “There is always one or two people parking there, as if they own the bloody place.

“It’s one rule for them and the rest of us, is that it?”

Bishop, a 53-year-old plumber, told WWN that he couldn’t be arsed “foostering around” in tight parking spaces, stating that he hates being tied down to supermarket laws.

“I’m a bit of a bad ass. But who’s going to stop me parking here, eh?” he said to this reporter when approached after exiting the store. “There are no double yellow lines and I’m in a rush anyway. Be fucked if I’m gonna waste my time trying to find an empty space that some clown hasn’t taken up.”

Later, the great grandson of eight also admitted to leaving boxes and plastic bags at the bottle bank at the back of the store after emptying them, claiming he thought they were also recyclable.

“Sure, someone will pick them up.” he defended himself, as I continued following him. “Who are you? Why do you keep following me around Tescos?”

Quickly leaving the bottle bank in his car, the self confessed bad ass stopped at the traffic lights outside the supermarket, before looking back with a worried look at this reporter, who was now viewable in his rear view mirror.

“Just leave me alone!” he shouted from his car, before taking off, failing to indicate right.

“Do you not indicate either?” I shouted, nudging his car slightly with my front bumper, looking for a reply. “Why are you speeding off?”

“Who’s the bad ass now, huh?” I asked myself, now tailgating him for several miles. “Who’s the bad ass now!”