Unreasonable Person Wondering How To Upgrade Himself To Sinister Fringe For Dec 10th


UNREASONABLE person, Jackie Hogan, made a call out on his Facebook page today wondering how to upgrade himself to the sinister fringe in time for the Irish Water march on December 10th.

Hogan, a once peaceful protester, asked friends and family if they knew anyone classed as the sinister fringe to ask them, as he feels he may have to up the ante now the government aren’t getting it.

“I’m all for being an unreasonable person, but the label comes across as a bit tame for my feelings right now,” he wrote. “That sinister fringe crowd seems to get things done around here so I would like to join them next month in the march if I can”.

The sinister fringe, a label the government has given to aggressive protesters, are expected to join forces with thousands unreasonable people on the 10th of December in Dublin, to protest the water tax and the ongoing ignorance of government officials.

“I’m not a violent man by nature, but if last weekend’s protests showed anything, it is that the government fears the people,” he added. “If they want to label us, then make sure to include me in the sinister fringe, because I’m sure as hell not unreasonable anymore. I’m fucking angry. And I’m going to make that quite clear in three weeks time”.

In a dramatic turnaround yesterday, the government attempted to ease tensions across the rain soaked island by announcing various units of currency that will be taken from the people for a natural resource that has already been paid for through everyday taxes. The very same taxes that have increased over the past six years to pay for the greed and corruption from inside the doors of Leinster House and elsewhere.