Confidence In Scientists At All Time Low As Another Year Passes Without Dinosaur Cloning



PUBLIC confidence in scientists is at an all time low as the world’s leading scientists continually fail to make the beginning of 1993 movie blockbuster Jurassic Park a reality.

A survey conducted on behalf of WWN reveals that despite various scientific fields advancing the human race in astonishing ways, many people are still using dinosaur cloning as the stick by which to measure satisfaction with scientists.

91% of survey participants admitted to feeling continually let down by scientists as, year after year, they fail to create clones of dinosaurs that could then be held captive in a thrilling yet poorly secured amusement park.

“I’m not going to lie, I don’t know how they get the YouTube videos that small and then onto my phone but I’m thankful. However, I can’t forgive the lack of T-Rex in my life,” declared survey participant and idiot Simon Gormley, “I thank them again for emojis and that but how hard can it be to solve this dinosaur cloning business?”

97.5% of participants in the survey listed dinosaur cloning as the most important area, scientific resources should be focused on, with reversing climate change coming in a distant second.

“We’ve done so much good science stuff, but I just feel that if they can’t crack this dinosaur thing, what else are they, like, not able to do,” queried survey participant Henry Nolan, seemingly unaware of little science he himself had personally done up to this point in his life.

Confidence in today’s scientists could of course be reversed if they dedicated more time to dinosaur cloning efforts.

“Of course they should be trying. How fucking cool would it be to ride a Raptor into work,” offered Shona McGinley, “or oh my God, oh my God, what about those little ones that run around together, how cool would be if they were your pets?”

Geneticists around the world have admitted that while it would be ‘pretty fucking cool’ to clone dinosaurs for the public’s amusement, it is still not entirely possible.

100% of survey participants agreed that geneticists are probably paid too much money and should be made work harder in order to make dinosaurs a reality.