“I’m Voting Yes To Gay Marriage,” Say People Who Aren’t Even Registered To Vote


IN 2015, the people of Ireland are being asked to vote if LGBT citizens should be afforded the same constitutional rights as everyone else.

Although large numbers of people claiming to be all of this, figures revealed today show that an alarming amount of these may not actually be registered, as WWN found when we conducted some interviews with the public.

“I’m totes for gay marriage! Vote Yes 2015!!!” exclaimed Sorcha O’Malley, who regularly tweets her support for gay marriage, even though her failure to register will mean her opinion counts for sweet fuck all.

“As a gay man, of course I’m voting yes for gay marriage, ” said Fintan Prendergast, who on voting day will realise that he isn’t eligible to vote in Dublin where he now lives, and will be unable to drive back to his hometown in west Donegal on time.

Despite the best efforts of Marriage Equality groups across the country to raise awareness about registering to vote, figures released today show a disturbing amount of people have just assumed they’re registered and as such won’t bother checking.

“It’s not hard; just take a few seconds to go to www.checktheregister.ie to see if you’re registered,” said Eamon Hynes, spokesperson for the LGBT rights group LGBTR. “We’ve this referendum won by a landslide online and on the street, but when it comes to the poll booth we’ll be wiped out”.

“We appreciate people who have come forth and said they’ll vote yes, and have helped to spread the word, but if they aren’t even registered then they have until the 25th of November to visit www.checktheregister.ie and post their details off or else it just doesn’t count”.

Meanwhile, members of the No campaign have made moves to assure everyone that they probably are already registered, and they shouldn’t bother checking because it would take too long.