World Just 400,134 Viral Videos Away From Ending Sexism


FOLLOWING the recent spate of enlightening videos regarding the prevalence of sexism in modern society, experts have confirmed that the world is just 400,134 videos away from ending sexism.

“OK, so that’s not an exact figure but it’s pretty accurate give or take seven either way,” confirmed viral video expert Leona Gregory.

The maelstrom of debate continues to spark every time a new viral video surfaces, serving to highlight the continued presence of everyday sexism which is rife in society.

“We’ve had such huge steps forward in terms of clicks thanks to the New York catcalling video as well as that Australian TV host who wore the same suit for a year to highlight the disparity in how we treat men and women,” added Gregory.

While more viral video’s are created every few weeks, Gregory admits in order to make sexism a thing of the past everyone needs to play their part.

“I suppose I would just say to everyone out there – start making at least 74 viral videos a day that highlight sexism. It’s the only way to end sexism in society”.

Gregory went on to explain the ‘one click, one convert’ method which, simply put, means if one deeply sexist individual watches even one of these videos he or she is then converted into a non-sexist.

One man taking the sexism fight to the viral video world is Michael Jefferson, a native of Maine in the United States of America.

“Well, I thought ‘how can I help end this?’ And then it dawned on me – so I grew a penis and lived with it every day for my entire life, to highlight the privilege I enjoy as a man over a woman,” explained Michael.

Michael’s video ‘I grew a penis and wore it for my entire life to highlight sexism’ has been viewed over 6 million times since last week and sees him carry out everyday tasks while also having a penis. However, people have questioned the video’s authenticity.

“Michael’s claims that he himself grew his sexual organs is debatable as it usually occurs in the womb after 16 weeks and is not his decision,” explained internet user Keelin Vickers, “this video could do more bad than good”.

Despite the question mark over Michael’s video many campaigners are delighting in the fact that modern society is just 400,134 viral videos away from eradicating sexism.