Kid Dressed In Black Bin Bag Not Sure Exactly What He’s Supposed To Be


A YOUNG Roscommon boy will tonight celebrate Halloween by going Trick Or Treating with his friends, despite not knowing exactly what his costume, consisting of a single black bin bag, is supposed to be.

Cian McShane, aged 6, was handed the costume this morning by his mother Elaine, who had totally forgot that today was Halloween, and rushed to shops this morning only to find them completely sold out of kids outfits.

Ignoring the label that said “this bag is not a toy”, Elaine set about the painstaking task of constructing a homemade costume, which involved dozens of seconds spent cutting three holes in a heavy duty refuse sack.

Despite being overjoyed that he would be able to join his cousins later in the evening during the annual Trick Or Treating, Cian expressed confusion as to what exactly he was supposed to be, and found little comfort in his mother’s assurances that he was dressed as “a Halloween man”.

“My cousin Mark is going as the Hulk and my other cousin is going as Iron Man, and their friend is going as Thor so I was hoping to be Captain America and we could all be the Avengers,” said Cian, whose favourite subject in school is colouring in.

“But my mam said there was no costumes left so I have to wear this bin bag. So I suppose we’re going to be three of the Avengers and a boy in a bin bag. Maybe if I get a bit of a twig I can say I’m Harry Potter, or if I put a headband on I can say I’m a ninja turtle or Gandalf or something”.

As Cian begins his night of awkwardly trying to explain to people what exactly he’s supposed to be, retailers nationwide are reporting a shortage in black bin bags, as parents across the country rush to complete last-minute witch, wizard, Batman, Lady Gaga, cowboy, policeman and Indiana Jones costumes.