Croke Park Confirmed As New Home For Shit Music


croke park
WITH the much anticipated announcement of a 2015 concert at Croke Park revealed to involve The Script, the GAA has confirmed they have positioned the venue as the new home of shit music.

“We saw a gap in the market for impossibly shit music and just said, fuck it, lets rake in the cash,” explained GAA spokesperson Alan Carmody.

In recent years Croke Park has served as a venue for One Direction, aborted Garth Brooks concerts, Westlife and Take That, leaving many to speculate that GAA might not actually care who plays the venue as long as it sells out.

“We’ve a commitment to solidifying Croke Park as an internationally renowned venue and we think we can do that with any old shite,” added Carmody.

While there will no doubt be 80,000 happy customers come the 20th of June next year, the grumblings of opposition have already begun.

Many diehard GAA fans are bemoaning, yet again, the troublesome easing of Rule 42, which saw non-GAA sports played in Croke Park. A small clause in Rule 42 also allowed for the easing of the ban on horrendous music being played at the home of the GAA.

“It’s one thing to have soccer in here, but I’ll be fucked if I’m going to let that rule help the fecking Script,” said staunch anti-shit music GAA member Donal Cousins as he chained himself to the entrance of the stadium.