North Korean Leader Was Reportedly ‘Fasting In The Desert For 40 Days’


NORTH Korean leader Kim Jong-Un was reportedly ‘fasting in the desert for 40 days’ after finally resurfacing with the aid of a walking stick.

State media reports that Kim, who had not been seen in the public eye for nearly six weeks, took it upon himself to retreat into the vast plains of North Korea on a “spiritual journey to cleanse himself”.

However, the KCNA report made no mention of the walking stick, only detailing his inspection tour of a newly-built housing complex in Pyongyang and a science institute for people wishing to pretend to educate themselves.

“Our great leader graced a Pyongyang facility today looking over the exterior of the apartment houses and  expressed great satisfaction, saying they looked very beautiful, but didn’t like the colour of the tiles too much and to tear it all down and start again.” read a nervous looking reporter. “Look how fresh of face, he looks. His 40 day retreat has done him well. What poise and how lucky we are to have such a wonderful person in our lucky lives.”

Contrary to numerous documented rumors by the international media, no unusual troop movements or other signs of a possible coup emerged.

The North Korean dictator dropped out of sight after attending an Aslan concert with his wife in Pyongyang on September 3.