Terry Prone’s Tuam Babies Email To Be Buried In Unmarked Grave


PR ‘guru’ Terry Prone caused some controversy yesterday as an email she sent to documentary filmmaker Saskia Weber on behalf of the Bon Secours nuns in relation to the mass grave in Tuam.

As an article in The Journal stirred up the unpleasant relisation that the email was conceived out of ignorance, traditionally a form of email conception long frowned upon by in Irish society, it was deemed necessary to bury Ms Prone’s email and its unthinking contents in an unmarked grave.

Prone, whose Communications Clinic company counts Former Taoisigh Charles Haughey, Albert Reynolds and Bertie Ahern as clients, is expected to be shunned by Irish society for carrying this email inside her which denied the existence of many hundreds of deceased infants at a site in Tuam.

The email, which paraded itself about in a manor befitting someone almost proud of its sinful abomination, began:

“The Provincial of the Irish Bon Secours congregation with instructions that I should help you. I’m not sure how I can. Let me explain.When the “O My God – mass grave in West of Ireland” broke in an English-owned paper (the Mail) it surprised the hell out of everybody, not least the Sisters of Bon Secours in Ireland, none of whom had ever worked in Tuam and most of whom had never heard of it.If you come here, you’ll find no mass grave, no evidence that children were ever so buried, and a local police force casting their eyes to heaven and saying “Yeah, a few bones were found – but this was an area where Famine victims were buried. So?”

The Ireland of 2014 is an incredibly rigid and malignant society which would take an innocent woman like Prone and bury her illegitimate email in an unmarked grave. And, in the event that members of her Communications Clinic family would come looking for evidence the email exists Irish society will over the next 40 years deny any such unmarked email grave existed.

“We had gotten word of Ms Prone’s email and its illegitimacy as it had contained audacious examples of promiscuous thoughts which could lead Ms Prone to being the ‘talk of the town'”, explained local secular man Gavin Cronin.

Such is the cowardice and code of silence surrounding illegitimate emails that the majority of media organisations are probably unaware of this incident, as there is simply no other explanation for why it hasn’t been further reported on.

“We feel for Ms Prone,” explained a campaigner for the rights of emails conceived out of ignorance, “it’s a tragedy that in a country like this, Ms Prone could be ostricised and labelled as a subhuman person not fit for Irish society,” added the campaigner.

Ms Prone’s prone email was said to be sitting in an inbox for the first days of its life before being inhumanely disposed of in a recycling bin on a computer desktop.