Dublin Man To Celebrate Arthur’s Day Regardless


Guinness Contentment

DUBLIN city native Derek Connors vowed today to celebrate Arthur’s Day regardless of it not being on this year.

The devote Guinness enthusiast told friends and family he will begin his celebration early tomorrow afternoon before the GAA hurling final in Croke Park, even though the brewer cancelled the prestigious event earlier this year.

“Someone has to celebrate it!” explained the 46-year-old. “It’s his birthday or something and I’m not gonna break tradition. You can’t just scrap something as significant as this.”

Arthur’s day was an annual series of music events worldwide, originally organised by Diageo way back in 2009 to promote the 250th anniversary of its Guinness brewing company. It later received negative feedback for the promotion of binge drinking and general Irishness.

Mr. Connors claimed to have already rounded up “several” people in a bid to revive the celebration in his local pub in Faiview, north of the city.

“There’s at least five us going now,” he said.

“The lads would probably have been there anyway, but that’s not the point. Arthurs day had been always about celebrating our heritage and spending vast amounts of money on pints of Guinness while shouting words that rhyme with Arthur at the barman.”

Arthur’s day 2014 will begin at 3:30pm tomorrow afternoon in The Fairview Inn and is due to finish whenever Mr. Connors leaves home via the chipper tomorrow night.