Manhunt Launched For 12 People Yet To Do The Ice Bucket Challenge



FOLLOWING the deluge of Ice Bucket Challenge videos descending on Facebook and other social media recently, motor neuron disease charities have been in receipt of vast sums of money donated in this, the latest viral trend focused on charity.

As prominent public figures continued to join in the fun, millions of people from a dizzying array of countries got involved. However, as is the case with such large scale social media drives, some individuals remain heartless in the face of benign and crippling peer pressure.

Police in the US have today launched a wide scale manhunt in conjunction with the FBI to track down the remaining 12 people who have callously avoided doing the Ice Bucket Challenge.

“We have reason to believe that these individuals are part of a cell, a group of people, who are in fact ‘pro’ ALS, they would love nothing more than to see the affliction remain uncured,” explained FBI field officer Dan Trabunchen before confirming they had a ‘shoot-to-kill’ policy in operation if and when they were to come into contact with these sordid fugitives.

The number of people who had yet to partake in the challenge was much greater in number, but after some cursory investigation, police across the country realised that some of those initial targeted simply had no friends and lived a solitary life.

Here in Ireland it is believed a Waterford man has avoided several nominations and is now on the FBI’s list.

“Our intelligence tells us an Irish man has refused to partake in this wholly necessary battle against the disease, going as far as to buy up vast quantities of ice cubes in his local supermarkets in an effort to hinder other people’s efforts to complete their challenge,” added Trabunchen.

The FBI remained tight lipped about the faith of the 4,000 people arrested in the last week after forensic teams analysed their videos, proving beyond doubt that they had used lukewarm water which had no ice in it. This comes after numerous people were interrogated by police after they tried to shoehorn in charities that were close to their own hearts such as Make A Wish Foundation and Alzheimer’s Research.