Waterford Man Nearly ‘Spat Out His Tea’ After Reading This


A COUNTY Waterford man claimed today that he nearly ‘spat out his tea’ after reading this article, even though he wasn’t actually drinking tea at all.

Mark Delaney made the comment on his Facebook page shortly after reading the story headline on his Facebook Newsfeed. However, the 29-year-old didn’t even bother to read the main body of the article.

‘BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA’ he typed, before taking some time to find the full-stop key.” ………..I nearly spat out me tea after reading this!!”

Mr. Delaney then spent several minutes refreshing his Facebook page to see if anyone liked his unique comment.

“Maybe it wasn’t that funny then,” he thought to himself, before trying to read the actual article.

Following several attempts to get past the first two paragraphs, he then decided enough was enough, and moved on with his life, not knowing the exact meaning or the angle of the post.

Sources close to Mr. Delaney later claimed he sometimes uses the phrase on funny things he doesn’t fully understand, and regularly just follows the crowd when something is trending.

“He’s always at it,” said longtime friend Dermot Humphries. “When that Kony viral video came out in twenty twelve he didn’t even watch it. He just posted it up anyway – because everyone else was doing it.”

“Mark doesn’t even drink tea anyway,” he added.