Kate And William Announce They Are Taking One Month Holiday From Their Life Long Holiday



THE Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced today that they will be taking a one month holiday from their life long holiday next week, with their one-year-old son George.

The royal couple will reportedly head to one of their homes in Scotland with Prince Charles and Camilla, as well as also making a trip to Balmoral in order to spend time with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, who themselves have been on holiday for the majority of their lives.

“They are quite exhausted from travelling around the world all the time,” explained a Royal spokesperson. “Being on holiday’s all your life takes its toll, so Kate and William decided it best to take a break from it all and go on a holiday from their holiday’s.

Next week the couple are expected to board a private jet to Belgium with Prince Harry to attend official engagements commemorating the beginning of World War I, before then flying straight to Scotland to begin their “holiday holiday”.

“It’s tough at the top.” joked Prince Harry earlier when asked if he will also be taking time off from socializing. “I’ll probably meet Kate and Willy for a few in Bal-M.

“I have a party to attend to in LA so I’m not really sure I can take the time off to be honest.”

In a report published this year, the estimated total annual cost of the monarchy in England is £299.4m, around nine times the official figure published by the royal household.