Construction Industry Experiencing Huge Resurgence Outside Hungover Mans Bedroom Window


THE Irish building industry is today experiencing a massive comeback, with what sounds like thousands of construction workers beginning work on a huge project outside the bedroom window of Eamon Murtagh, who is currently as hungover as fuck.

The construction sector, which suffered heavy job losses in the years following after the economic crash, has apparently made a significant comeback in the days between yesterday and this morning.

According to a Facebook post on Murtaghs official Facebook page, they have begun a job that requires every drill, electric saw, cement mixer and crane in Ireland to all start making noise at the exact time.

Mr. Murtagh, who went out for one pint and left the pub while the staff were setting the alarm for the night, first became aware of the massive building project while attempting to get back to sleep after making a call to his job to tell them that he must have food poisoning or something. With the second coming of the construction boom occurring mere yards from his bed, the 23-year-old made the following statement via social media.

“They must be building a fucking hospital out there,” stated Murtagh, who can’t right now, just simply cannot. “Or a block of flats, or an aircraft carrier. I can’t tell, because I’m not able to look at daylight at the moment. They’ve been at it since eight o’clock this morning; who the fuck starts building something at eight o’clock in the fucking morning?!”

Remembering a similar incident where every dog in three counties decided to simultaneously bark through the morning after his 21st birthday party, Murtagh has adopted a wait-and-see approach in the hope that the hangover-Gods will hear his prayers, and the massive construction project will fuck off and allow him to get another half hour kip.

The multi-hundred euro venture, which will see his neighbours garden having attractive new flower beds, is expected to be completed later today.