Healy-Rae Family Score Parts In New Star Wars Movie



WITH filming of Star Wars Episode VII currently underway on the island of Skellig Michael off the coast of Kerry, WWN can report that members of the Healy-Rae political dynasty have bagged parts in the highly anticipated space epic.

Although details are scarce, it is believed that Jackie, Danny and Michael Healy-Rae successfully auditioned during an open casting call. Using their considerable political influence in the area, they were then able to convince director and writer JJ Abrams to create parts for many of their family members, including Mossie, Sheamie, Eustace, John-Joe, Tess, Margie, Concepta, Alphonse, Proinsioas, Davie, Gerry, Eoghain, Philomena, Ultan, Timmy, Jackie Og, Con, PJ, and Lionel Healy-Rae.

With the script for the long-awaited seventh instalment in the space-hopping saga under lock and key, the Healy-Raes have been forced to sign non-disclosure agreements to prevent story details leaking to the press. Dismissing this agreement almost immediately, family patriarch Jackie discussed his role at length during an exclusive interview with everyone in earshot.

“We play a race of people, and Skellig Michael is our home,” said the 83-year-old, speaking through an interpreter.

“You have Luke Skyfella and the two robot lads, they crash into our house and we have to give them a hand to get back on the road. At the minute we’re only in it for ten minutes or so, but we’re canvassing the producers for more screen time”.

Filming on the beautiful Skellig Michael island, located 10 miles off the coast of Kerry, is expected to wrap up next week before moving back to Pinewood Studios in England. The production crew have expressed thanks to the Healy-Rae family for their efforts, and may consider them for future instalments of the Star Wars series.

“Initially, we had set aside a sizable chunk of the effects budget to create a race of creatures that would inhabit Skellig Michael” said director JJ Abrams, known for his work on the Star Trek reboot.

“It would have taken a lot of time and effort to create the illusion of this weird alien family living on this barren rocky terrain. Luckily, our casting agents spotted the Healy-Rae family at an open audition, and we went ahead with them as they were. No make-up or prosthetics required! On top of that, Danny told us that there’s a law where if we drink in his pub we’re allowed to drive home? That’s awesome!”