Anglo Pair Allowed To Hire JobBridge Interns To Complete Community Service



THE Irish public had barely recovered from the news that former Anglo Irish Bank executives, Willie McAteer and Patrick Whelan would serve just 240 hours of community service before it emerged they could engage JobBridge interns to serve the sentence on their behalf.

While this has angered and baffled many members of the public, others have pointed out it could be a great opportunity for those struggling to gain employment. A divide in public opinion persists over the perceived leniency of the sentence handed down by Judge Martin Nolan.

“Ah, I think 240 years isn’t long enough, the bastards,” offered former Anglo shareholder Alan Gildea, not realising the sentence totalled hours, not years.

“Well, if a JobBridge lad comes in and gets some experience, something good will have come of the bank guarantee and you can’t argue with that really,” shared unemployed woman, Ciara Drummond.

Lawyers for the men convicted of illegally providing loans to developers, have already placed ads on the JobBridge website, looking for two candidates with a PhD to take on the responsibility of doing things like cleaning up rubbish which is work reserved for non-bank officials.

Such is the competitive job market in Ireland 73 PhD holders have debased themselves by applying within 12 minutes of the positions being advertised online.

McAteer and Whelan’s legal teams have thanked the JobBridge scheme for alleviating any strain or undue stress from their clients, but insisted they would appeal the ‘appalling severity’ of the sentence.