Untouched Amazonian Tribe Already Despises Justin Bieber


A RECENTLY discovered tribe, located in the Amazon jungle, have told tourists and local media outlets that they already despise Justin Bieber and now wish to be left alone.

In a recent press release, the Peruvian government confirmed the existence of an uncontacted tribe of about 150 people living in the Amazon jungle, who at first wanted to make contact with the outside world .

Unfortunately, the tribe have since changed their minds about opening up after several tourists showed some members a video clip of Justin Bieber on their phone.

Since then the tribe are reluctant to make any contact with anyone who is not from their immediate group.

Experts say that the members who bared witness to the video clip remain in a semi-comatose state in their village and this may have influenced the tribes decision to remain ‘Untouched’.

“Several tribesmen openly wept when they were shown the Justin Bieber clips over and over again.” said Dr. Jesus Herarus. “One man even took an arrow to his eyes, blinding himself, and then later busrt both eardrums with a sharp stick.”

“We were not prepared for any of this and it’s really sad to see such an undiscovered tribe recoil in absolute horror like this.” he added.

The video clip called ‘Justin Bieber – Baby Feat Ludacris ‘ has over 700 million views on YouTube.

Psychology experts believe the images and audio waves probably ‘overwhelmed’ the tribe members and ‘upset their natural balance’.

No contact has been made since the exposure. However, large crossed out pictures of what seem to be Justin Bieber have been spotted around the perimeter of the village.