‘Inbred’ Prince Charles Behaves Like Joffrey From Game Of Thrones, Say’s Putin


RUSSIAN President Vladimir Putin came back at comments made by Prince Charles earlier likening him to Hitler, stating that the monarch was behaving like Joffrey from Game Of Thrones.

Mr. Putin launched the scathing attack on the prince after he was reported to have told a woman how his Crimean actions were no different to the Nazi leaders in world war two.

“Who is this inbred to liken me to such a man.” said the Russian leader earlier. “Isn’t his father a Nazi lover? This is like a pot calling a kettle black. He is nothing more than a want to be child king, like Joffrey from Game of Thrones. Him and his manlike wife should stick to what they are good at -spending their kingdoms money.”

In what has been called one of the worst verbal attacks on the west, Mr. Putin went on to challenge the English monarch to a fist fight to the death.

“I may be only 4 years younger than him, but I will rip those stupid ears from his Gaylord face.” added Mr. Putin.

Charles, who is scheduled to meet Mr Putin at the D-Day commemorations in France on June 6, is not expected to take up the challenge, as according to a spokesman, he has a “bad back from an old polo injury”.

“Typical English faggots excuse.” replied Putin to the statement. “You make an allegation you can’t back up, but then run away like a mouse to his mammy.”

The Prince is often criticised for meddling in domestic affairs of state. Last year he was made apologise to Nigel Farage for calling him a “complete and utter cunt”.