Parents Hold Secret Ballot On Which Child They Prefer



The Higgins household had been the scene of ferocious campaigning in recent weeks as rumours of a secret ballot being held reached the children of the family Emily and Josh.

Parents Patrick and Nuala had planned to carry out a secret ballot for some time in order to decide once and for all who was their favourite child, but the decision became all the more difficult when word was leaked to their children.

“We just thought it was time to get the definitive answer,” shared Nuala, “Emily is 7 and Josh is 5 so their personalities are pretty much formed and we have school reports available to us. We need to decide which child we’re going to put the most effort and resources into.”

“It’s kind of pointless splitting our time, money and effort between the two children when we can back our favourite one 100%,” added father of the family Patrick.

The ballot took place last night with the outcome revealed earlier today and sadly for Josh he will receive little to no interest as all focus will be shifted to making sure Emily goes to drama classes, piano lessons and general love and affection.

“I knew she’d win to be honest,” shared a disconsolate Josh, “I’ve got a bit of a ‘face’ so that was always against me and that fucking ‘needs to improve in class’ teacher’s report screwed me over big time,” added the least favourite child.

Josh and Emily are not alone in their experience as many Irish children face the tough task of trying to persuade their parents that they are worthy of the title of ‘favourite child’. Parenting expert Julia Mangan spoke to WWN about the emotional turmoil such an event can have on a child.

“Well, obviously some children grow up to become adults without even realising they were second, if not third favourite child and that is the ideal outcome,” explained Julia.

“Sadly, many adults experience the ‘epiphany’ moment where by they finally realise their brother or sister was always the favourite child.”

Famous examples of least favourite children include Adolf Hitler, Jedward, David Cameron and despite being an only child, Eamon Dunphy.