Man Who Locked Keys In Car Also A Scientist



WWN can exclusively reveal that the guy you saw cursing at himself earlier after realising he left his keys in his car is also Ireland’s leading neuroscientist Dr. Richard Holman.

In what has been described as both a ‘hilarious’ and ‘frightfully worrying’ incident Ireland’s most senior Doctor in charge of vital research in the area of neuroscience forgot to retrieve his car keys before departing his vehicle.

“You know the way you’d be having an awful bollocks of a day, your mind would be off thinking about boobies and other interesting stuff and then before you know you’ve locked your keys in your car,” admitted the Doctor.

“Ugh, I feel thick as a brick. Wait, that’s it – a brick,” Dr. Holman told WWN before grabbing a nearby loose brick and launching it at his car, smashing the window.

“What are the chances a loose brick would just be sitting there by the side of the road, huh? No, no, no hang on,” Dr. Holman said as the gleeful smile he was wearing left his face.

“My car isn’t red and come to think of it, it’s not a peugeot 306 either,” concluded the doctor as he looked around the street to see if there were any witnesses.

Suddenly Dr. Holman fled the scene of the crime while screaming “they don’t even let me do real doctoring stuff anymore!”

More to follow on this disturbing incident as we get it…