Seeing Pedestrian Struggle With Umbrella In The Rain Makes Car Owner’s Day



Car owner and all round nice guy Robbie Fields derived untold joy from watching a pedestrian get soaked in the rain as he was stuck in traffic, WWN can reveal.

Robbie, a sales rep, uses his car to commute to work with most days passing off without incident.

“Yeah, it’d be fairly boring stuck in the car heading out of Dublin now, but then it happened,” revealed the Kildare native. The ‘it’ in question was student Aoife Brolly who was making her way home from college, but seemed to be struggling against a ceaseless torrent of rain.

“I was flicking the channels on the radio and there she was, thick as shite, trying to open her umbrella,” offered Robbie.

Aoife, a science student, had not planned on rain so was not dressed appropriately. Additionally, in a more macro outlook on life she had not planned on having to sell her car due to the steady increase in university fees in recent years and so was also without a reliable mode of transport.

“It. Was. Fucking. Gas,” reiterated Robbie, “she got the thing open and over her head, but then the wind turned it inside out and a taxi flew by splashing her head-to-toe,” added Robbie as he laughed maniacally.

Robbie, giddy with schadenfreude, wanted to make sure the struggling student was aware someone spotted her misfortune. “Ha ha, I wasn’t too sure if she knew I saw her get soaked so I beeped the horn a good 6 times while laughing up a lung. She wasn’t impressed, some people just don’t have a sense of humour, ya know?” offered Robbie.

It is believed 100% of drivers on the country’s roads laugh uncontrollably at the sight of any pedestrians misfortune.