Pope’s First Year In Charge Marked With An Absolutely Cracking Mass



A packed St. Peter’s Basilica bore witness this morning to what many have called one of the top 10 Masses of all time.

Pope Francis, celebrating his first year in charge as pontiff and leader of the Catholic church said Mass in front of an enraptured audience made up of rich and poor alike.

The Mass, described by the Irish Catholic Newspaper as ‘a belter’, saw the Pope enter through a cloud of smoke and soundtracked by disco hit ‘Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel’ by Tavares.

Slightly departing from his understated reign thus far the Pope was full of the showmanship more often found at the best and brightest Las Vegas shows.

Reading from the Old Testament, Pope Francis occasionally looked up to wink playfully at members of the congregation. He would later run down the centre isle of the Basilica high-fiving all in attendance.

“While it goes against all we know of him to date, I did think the throwing of communion into followers mouths from varying distances was a nice touch,” shared the Irish Independent’s religious affairs correspondent June Kenny.

“I defy anyone to cite a more electrifying delivery of the Eucharistic Prayer,” offered Archbishop Of Dublin Diarmuid Martin.

The highlight of an absolute tracking Mass was, for many, the sign of the peace, which saw the Pope take to the skies with the help of some stunt wires. He hovered over the crowd for several minutes before shaking hands with a homeless man who had attended the Mass.

Cries of ‘one more Mass, one more Mass’ were heard for 10 minutes after the Pope’s departure from the altar, but like any true showman Pope Francis knew to keep the crowd wanting more.