Bull Calls Out ‘Karate Kid’ To Rematch



THE BULL at the centre of an ongoing family feud in Cork has called on his past opponent to a rematch, following a 30 minute thrashing from school boy John O’Donoghue some time ago.

The young karate champion, who successfully fought the bull off from his father, received a bravery award today for his efforts, but declined to comment on a rematch.

Using martial arts skills, John totally kicked the bull’s ass in his debut cattle fight, but since then the animal has been taunting the 16-year-old.

“Last time it was unfair.” explained the bull. “There was two of them on me at one stage. They even gouged my eyes for Christ sake. How is that Karate?

“Those Cork lads fight dirty, but I’m ready for him. I’ll fight the two of them if I have to.”

Bookmakers Paddy Power said if the fight was to go ahead, the bull would be an even odds favourite to win due to its sheer size and experience.