‘International Men’s Day Better’ Say Men


man in party hat

Men around the world have been quick to point out that International Men’s Day is a far superior day to today’s International Women’s Day.

Despite drawing criticism for their remarks the vast majority of men are standing by their controversial comments.

International Men’s Day takes place across 364 separate days throughout the year and has long been declared far superior to its female rival.

“The evidence is pretty clear – I can feel loved, appreciated and lauded on International Men’s Day pretty much any day I want,” shared man and men’s day enthusiast John Crowley.

“There’s this real push for recognition for women today and you have to laugh, it’s pathetic really – like we get that every day with being men. Our day affords us that recognition Monday through Sunday,” added Crowley.

The men involved in setting up and maintaining International Men’s Day have been outspoken about how ineffectual it’s female incarnation has been.

“They should try expanding it beyond 24 hours would be my advice,” offered Henry Jones, the current custodian of International Men’s Day, “we would object heavily as that infringes on our ability to run Men’s Day all year round as we have done since about 300BC but they should give it a shot anyway just so we can get a good laugh out of it.”

PR experts have also criticised women’s efforts, stating that trying to achieve ‘equal rights’ and ‘equal pay’ is a poor strategy. “The best way to celebrate women would be go down the route men have which is to gain complete control over society when no one is looking. Banging on about clear injustices isn’t nearly as effective or so our research has shown,” revealed PR expert Richard Head.