JobBridge Intern Told To Cancel Any Plans He Had For The Weekend



WWN’s JobBridge intern Kevin Murray has been informed it’s probably for the best that he cancels all and any plans he had for this coming weekend.

Kevin was given plenty of notice by head honcho Colm Williamson to arrive at WWN towers by 7am this morning as Kevin was to receive his first mentor meeting and a routine appraisal.

The intern’s mentor meeting was taking place just 3 short months after it is required to under JobBridge guidelines, but nonetheless Kevin woke up his mother Aine when he got the text at 6.55am this morning and asked her to give him a lift into the work.

A miscommunication, which was no fault of WWN, saw Kevin arrive, only to find a text on his phone that read ‘Sorry. Had to cancel. While you’re there, can you digitise all archives, records and articles. Best cancel any plans for the weekend. Promise to get round to mentor meeting eventually. Colm’.

While the media graduate was immensely appreciative of the chance he was given by Mr. Williamson he was still slightly reluctant to cancel his birthday trip up to Dublin as he had spent close to 150 euro on tickets for the Ireland versus Italy game in the Aviva Stadium.

It is thought that over the next 48 hours Kevin will learn a great deal about what is to be a journalist as he casts an eye over all the publication’s work since its inception in 1894.