Next Voice Of Ireland Winner Expected To Donate Music Career To Science


IN A BID to salvage something from their achievements this year, the next Voice Of Ireland winner will be expected to donate their entire music career to science, RTE has revealed today.

Following two years of flops and fails, producers of the singing competition have introduced a new path for winners to take post-show.

“Donating their careers to science will help future talent show contestants from making the same mistakes again,” said Noel Currans, Director-General of the national broadcaster. “Studying what goes wrong with singers after winning such competitions may help prevent future flops, like we’ve had in previous years.”

Currently halfway through its third season, The Voice Of Ireland has so far to date ruined several music careers, along with its sister UK and the US versions.

Last years winner, Keith something something, sold a dismal three singles online through iTunes after securing a contract with music giant, Universal.

“Well, his song… am…. whatever it was, wasn’t the best to be honest.” said winning coach of the contestant, Jamelia. “I think he was ginger as well, which didn’t help his case. Oh no wait, that was the winner the year before!

“No, I can’t even picture the guy we’re talking about now. It was a guy, right?” she added.

This years winner will be announced at the final in April.