Being In The IRA Now The Least Shameful Aspect Of Tom Mc Feely


DISGRACED property developer Tom McFeely managed to lower his moral foundations, even more today by brushing off the death of Fiachra Daly from his list of wrongdoings.

Mr Daly committed suicide after finding the strain of mortgage arrears on the Priory Hall flat he bought with his wife too difficult to live with, after being forced to leave the premises for safety reasons.

Speaking to BBC One Northern Ireland’s ‘Spotlight’ program last night, the former IRA member stated: “Why didn’t everybody else not commit suicide in Priory Hall, what was the difference there, you know?”

Following the interview, a spokesperson for the Real IRA issued an open letter to the public, distancing the group from Mr. McFeely, stating the organisation does not want to be lowered to that level of ‘disgusting publicity’.

“The actions and views of Thomas McFeely do not reflect the views of this organisation and we would like to point out that he is not, in anyway, connected or associated with the Irish Republican Army. Please do not taint us with the same brush.” the statement read.

This is the first time in Irish Republican history that a member, or former member, has been ‘distanced’ from the terrorist organisation, making his once involvement with the group the least shameful aspect of Tom McFeely.

The statement also added: “No really. We can’t emphasis this enough: HE IS NOT PART OF THE IRA ANYMORE.”