Irish Celebrity Reality Show Sued For False Advertising


An Irish reality television show involving several celebrities has been sued for false advertising, WWN understands.

TV3’s latest reality celebrity show has come under criticism from a number of its viewer and will now face legal action. Celebrity Walking, a show in which contestants vie to be declared the best at walking aired last night under the weight of high viewer expectations.

The broadcaster had sought to keep the identity of its contestants a secret right up until the first airing of the show, in an attempt to enhance the anticipation.

“I was shocked when I saw the show,” said one viewer Teresa Campbell, “I didn’t know a single person on it, I thought maybe one of them had been in Fair City but then I realised I knew her from queuing in the post office.”

Celebrity Walking is filmed entirely in front of a 4 foot by 4 foot green screen which limits the distance the contestants can travel, but many critics have called the show ‘compelling’ and ‘a reason to lose faith in mankind.’

A number of concerned and angry viewers have pooled their resources in an effort to sue the broadcaster, but TV3 have been strong in their defence of the show.

“We endeavour to bring the viewers a superior viewing experience, and I reject the idea that we have ‘no celebrities’ on Celebrity Walking,” shared head of entertainment at TV3 Martin Delaney, “sure look at Ciara for example, she has 4,000 followers on Twitter and has great pictures of her tits on Instagram. If that isn’t fame, then I don’t know what is!”

Celebrity Walking will continue airing for the next 4 months with first ‘walk off’ happening later this week.