Inspirational Quote Inspires Woman To Share It On Facebook


Facebook user Joanne Flannery was so taken aback by a quote she stumbled upon while browsing the internet her life was derailed for the next seven minutes, WWN can exclusively reveal.

“God, it seems silly now – the way I’d just potter about pretending my life was fine,” Joanne confessed to WWN. “You know the way people say ‘I remember where I was when Kennedy was shot’ and stuff like that – I know how they feel now”.

Joanne, a student nurse, was said to have found a quote attributed to Hollywood screen siren Marilyn Monroe late last night. So moved was the student nurse she felt compelled to overhaul what she was doing in life, which at that moment was watching cat videos on YouTube.

“I do read a fair few articles and quotes and that, but this, this was different. I literally stopped what I was doing, copied the image and text and then pasted it onto my Facebook page,” an animated Joanne admitted.

What happened next will astound and amaze you!

“Some of my friends, who normally never like my statuses, liked it. I couldn’t believe it. Liking my quote, that I posted up from another website. It just shows you what we can do when we come together,” an emotional Joanne concluded.

The full effect of Joanne’s inspirational posting of an inspirational quote is not known yet but what is clear is that the quote ‘the very first essential for success is a perpetually constant and regular employment of violence’ is from Hitler and was wrongly attributed to Marilyn Monroe.