A 7-Year Old Irish Girl Wrote This Brilliant Letter To Transformers Director, Michael Bay. What Happened Next Will Break Your Heart.


Mary O’Brien is a 7-year old Irish girl with a sincere love for Transformer toys. But she also has some surprisingly mature views on gender equality.

So when Mary saw the new trailer for Transformers 4 – and noticed that the lead actress was cowering in fear and/or screaming for help, she felt it necessary to send Michael Bay (the film’s macho director) a stern telling off. This extraordinary letter has now gone viral, being shared and retweeted thousands of times under the hashtag #DearMrBay


Here’s the full text:


“Dear Mr Bay,

My name is Mary and I am 7 years old and I love the Transformers but I don’t love that all the Ladies in ur movies are silly and screamy and have bodies like ladies in my Daddies motorbike magazine. Ur first Transformers movie was full of robot men and human men and explosions and fire and noise and Shia Boof was a hero, but Megan Fox was just a silly Lady who ran and screamed and bended over car engines with her boobies and sweaty brown belly out for all to see. And in next movie I almost saw Megan’ss private bits that I should not see. And then you made the movie with the English Lady with the nose and three names, and I can’t really remember what she did but I did saw her sweaty belly and she did scream lots too.

And now I have seen the new telly ad for your Transformer Age Of Stinktion and it has a new Lady with yellow hair and she is screamy and hiding and crying and waiting for Mr Wallburger to save her with his big muscles.


Please Mr Bay, can u make a Transformers movie with a Lady that is brave and smart and wears proper Sunday clothes and does not sweat.

Ladies do not sweat, Mr Bay. Thank you.

From Mary in Waterford (Ireland)”

PS: Santa brought me Optimus Prime for Christmas. I am so happy.


Don’t you think that’s adorable? Well, not if you’re Michael Bay – who has today issued the following response on his fansite ww.awesomebay.com


“Dear Mary,

Ladies might not sweat – but hot chicks do! Bang!

From M. Bay in Hollywood, very rich.

PS: Santa does not exist! Boom!”


Well done, Mr Bay. You just made a 7-year old girl cry.

We hope you’re very proud.

Transformers: Age Of Stinktion opens in theatres June 27th.