TDs Allowed To Sign In Online To Dáil Under New Proposals


WWN can exclusively reveal that if new proposals are implemented in Leinster House TDs will be given permission to sign in to the Dáil online, thus removing the need for them to be present at Government buildings.

Signing in online is just one of several new proposals for enhancing the effectiveness of how the country is governed and following extensive feedback from TDs the decision to remove the need for attendance will be voted on in the coming months.

Countless media outlets have criticised the move and members of the public are believed to have already posted several sarcastic remarks in the comment section of online news articles in response.

“It’s just easier at the end of the day to be doing the online thing,” confirmed an anonymous TD before going on to admit he had no idea the internet existed.

A poll conducted amongst TDs by WWN revealed as many as 70 TDs would seek to employ an additional assistant to deal with the tasking act of signing in online while 30% of TDs wrote down random website addresses on the survey sheet believing that they were on the internet itself.

The Government has sought to justify the online sign-in by saying it could save as much as €1,000 in travel expenses filed by TDs but conceded that was dependent on what loop hole they used to get around losing out on extra payments.