John Waters To Build ‘Gay-Proof Safe-Room’ At Home With RTE Damages Claim


IRISH JOURNALIST John Waters will build an eight foot by eight foot ‘gay-proof safe-room’ at his home with the proceeds of his RTE damages claim, a source close to the writer has revealed today.

Mr. Waters received an ‘unknown sum of money’ from the state broadcaster this week as a result of comments made by a guest on the Saturday Night Show, claiming the 58-year-old, and an IONA member, were ‘homophobic’.

“John always intended on building a safe room in case of what he called a ‘homo-invasion’.” the source told Waterford Whispers News. “He was delighted about the damages claim and has already begun work on the property.”

The source also claimed that columnist recently asked his local Post Office to change his postman as he was ‘a bit too chirpy for his liking and whistled way too much for a straight man’.

“I remember this one time we went to lunch and there was a gay waiter serving us,” recalled the long-time friend of Waters. “John immediately picked up on his sexuality and froze mid-conversation. The waiter asked him what he would like to eat and John Replied ‘not cock anyway!’.

“Needless to say, we both decided to leave the restaurant.”

John Waters’ gay-proof safe-room is expected to be finished in time for the Dublin Pride Festival in June.