Britain’s Queen Spotted Outside Her Local Cash For Gold Branch


Queen Elizabeth II has hit international headlines following the revelation that her Reserve Fund has as little as £1 million left remaining it.

An ashen faced Queen has since been pictured outside her local cash for gold branch, carrying with her large quantities or chains, bracelets and rings.

It is believed the British monarch is seeking to raise funds by cashing in on her vast collection of ornate gold jewellery.

WWN spoke exclusively to the cash for gold shop owner Henry Merchant: “Lovely lady as you’d expect, owner of the world’s largest collection of sovereign rings so she told me…cheap knock offs but I gave her 50 quid for them”.

A Royal family insider spoke of the Queen’s frustration at having to sell her gold. “Now that the press have got hold of it, she is livid. She tried selling it on Ebay first, I told her ‘Queenie’ was too obvious of a user name but would she listen?”

With the upkeep of Royal family’s estates running up a bill of over £40 million, it is thought the Queen will continue to seek novel ways of raising money.

“She heard about that woman who makes money online letting people watch her eat and was intrigued but we would probably have to up the stakes to get people to pay to watch,” concluded the palace insider.