World Leaders Renew International Lie-To-People Pact


The annual World Economic Forum (WEF) gets underway on Wednesday in Davos, Switzerland, with many of the world’s richest people gathering in the same room as leading politicians.

While the WEF’s itinerary is shrouded in secrecy, many believe a number of world leaders are there to renew their long-standing agreement known otherwise as the lie-to-people pact.

Much of international diplomacy is carried out in the full glare of the media’s spotlight, but the Davos summit is one of the few exceptions in which political leaders carry out their business behind closed doors.

WWN has learned that the majority of the world’s leading political figures will renew the lie-to-people pact ahead of talking to some of the business world’s most prominent CEOs.

“It’s quite simple, if one of us decided to tell the truth than the rest of us who are lying will look rather stupid,” an unnamed political leader from America told WWN. “Either we tell the truth which obviously isn’t an option or we all continue to lie and this pact makes that commitment cast iron if you will,” continued the anonymous leader.

“The lie-to-people pact is a shining example as to how we, as leaders, can work together,” shared a floppy haired toff speaking in an English accent on the condition he retained this anonymity.

While much will be discussed over the coming days in Switzerland, many of the leaders present spoke effusively about the goodie bags they received upon arrival. Besides the usual gifts of money, cocaine and prostitutes one particular item caught attendees’ eyes.

“A 4gb usb? Awesome!” offered one enthusiastic attendee. “Usually they insult you with a 200mb one which is useless, I can fit all my music on this one though – brilliant,” he concluded.