JobBridge Intern Ripped A New One For Getting The Lunch Orders Wrong


Kevin ‘Trev’ Murray’s nascent media career hangs in the balance today as he failed to take down the lunch orders correctly.

The media studies graduate speedily returned to the office after fetching lunch for several of his colleagues, but was shouted at by veteran journalist Terry Bull for getting his order wrong.

Kevin foolishly bought a regular can of coke instead of coke zero, which Terry Bull explicitly stated he wanted. He could not have been more clear.

Bull, renowned for his good nature, understandably refused to pay for any of his lunch and in an act of heartwarming solidarity, Bull’s co-workers chose not to pay either.

The experienced journalist then moved Kevin’s desk from the inadequately lit basement to the brighter environs of the staff toilets by way of punishment/reward.

Kevin went on to receive an official warning from head honcho Colm Williamson about his conduct and is expected to learn several lessons from this incident such as always double-check your sources.

It is not yet known if Kevin will absorb the lessons quicker than it takes the urine from the overflowing toilets to sink into Kevin’s shoes.