Man Has A Great Idea For An App


 WWN is proud to give a voice to the young and innovative people of Ireland. This week James O’Donovan, a 31-year-old marketing executive, has a great idea for an app:
I’ve always been a bit of an ideas man, but I, like many people in this current economic climate, lack to the ability to fund a big business undertaking myself so I’d like to take this platform graciously provided to me by WWN to appeal to investors, entrepreneurs, Bill Gates and venture capitalists et al.

Right, OK, so do you ever get where you’re out with friends and you have to decide where to eat. It’s a pain – all that deciding, people humming and hawing. Well with my background in marketing I think I’ve hit upon the perfect idea for an app.

I have a mate who is a programmer, so he’d be able to build the app I guess but that’s not important. Main thing is, it’s a great idea for an app, perhaps the greatest idea even. So it’s called MenYou – like a menu for you. I know, clever. Very clever.

It is not a rent boy service as some have suggested, don’t know where that idea came from…I did have to buy the domain name from a fairly shady Polish lad but I don’t think that means anything really.

Potential revenue streams and target markets, etc. can be decided after, like, they’ll basically look after themselves.

We’re already up and running but need some vital investment to kick onto the next stage in our development – just listen to that name for a second ‘MenYou’, it’s class isn’t it?

Thus far the money I have invested in MenYou has gone to paying Gaz from Geordie Shore (great lad and potential investor) to tweet the website and app name.

The MenYou app is the perfect way to choose a restaurant, well it will be once I get my mate Gavin to build the app and what have you, but it’s a great idea isn’t it?

I’m sure any potential investor can see MenYou has a big future ahead of itself.

I look forward to working with you.

James O’Donovan is a freelance marketing expert and head of MenYou, a rent boy app an app which helps you with restaurants and stuff.