JobBridge Intern Getting Really Good At Photocopying


WWN’s resident intern Kevin ‘Trev’ Murray is finally beginning to see some of his obvious potential flourish.

After a tricky start at Ireland’s leading news publication Trev, as he is still known to colleagues, is settling in and making clear his talents to all in the organisation.

As part of his JobBridge internship Kevin was promised a complete and comprehensive introduction into the modern media world and central to this experience is the photocopier. While journalists are out there in the big bad world, finding their next big scoop via a news aggregation site, someone needs to be that integral photocopying cog in the great media machine.

While Kevin expressed his reluctance at manning the photocopier for a sixth straight day instead of learning other ‘vital’ skills he was reminded by WWN’s head honcho Colm Williamson that he was only one phone call away from losing his dole.

With Kevin’s enthusiasm for photocopying renewed he managed to learn invaluable lessons such as ‘here is where you replace the ink’ and ‘copy on both sides! What do you think we’re made of money here?’ while simultaneously covering the reception desk as Maureen was out sick again.